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Maya Eventov Show & Gallery Opening

Eventov Gallery

Only steps away from Maya Eventov’s studio, Creations Art Gallery is the very first gallery she worked with in North America, and 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of our collaboration.

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Since 1985

30 years of business

30 Years!

Creations Art Gallery has provided incomparable service to countless discriminating clients.

Family Owned

Family Business

Two Generations

Artist Portfolio Highlights Creations Art Gallery

Robert E Wood Bow River Sunset 48x60

Robert E. Wood

Robert Amirault Coastal Calm 36X50

Robert Amirault

Sam Paonessa Pink Peonies 18X18

Sam Paonessa

Elena Henderson Pure Elegance Series 7 48x48

Elena Henderson

Frank Panabaker

RD Murray

David Grieve

Tanya Kirouac

Boris Kramer

Maryann Hendriks you measure life with a ruler 36x48

Maryann Hendriks

Ann Willsie

Anna Razumovskaya


Looking through our on-line gallery or visiting our shop, you will be delighted with what you see. Whatever work of art you choose to acquire you can be assured that it will contribute substantially to your home or office environment. We can promise this because we offer an art on approval service in which you can install a work in your home or office and try it out before making a final commitment to acquire it.

To view our entire collection of fine art we invite you to browse through the portfolios of artists we represent. The collection includes extraordinary landscapes, cityscapes, abstractions, and figurative art as well as high quality Giclée prints reproducing important historic Canadian paintings.


Offering a wide selection of carefully selected works of art of exceptional quality, Creations Gallery is dedicated to working with first-time buyers of art and veteran collectors to ensure complete satisfaction with any purchase.

As well as assisting in the acquisition of fine art created by highly accomplished artists, Creations Gallery provides a wide range of art services including, in-home or office consultation, custom framing, installation, restoration and appraisals.

Awarded the honours of readers’ choice of Best Privately Owned Art Gallery and Best Picture Framer, Creations Gallery is dedicated to achieving excellence in all its art services.

Picture Frame Designs Abound

A picture is a window on the world. Frames and mats accentuate this illusion. They also are essential in protecting a valuable work of art from damage and contribute to the overall effect of interior decoration.

The same kind of care and attention that goes into choosing a work of art for home or office should be taken in choosing how it is to be framed. This is a major element in the presentation of a work of art. Choosing from the almost limitless options of for framing a work of art depends on the character of the picture itself and the location in which it is to be installed.

The team at Creations Art Gallery presents clients with a variety framing options from a large stock of mouldings. Meticulously cut and joined our frames create a flawless visual accent for your precious work of art.



Creations Art Gallery Offers Traditional and Trending Frame Designs

Choosing a frame for an original work of art or a frame and mat for a print or photograph depends as much on personal taste as does the acquisition of a work of art.

Each client of Creations Art Gallery has unique preferences and because every work of art must work in the environment in which it is to be installed, the selection of a frame is a critical step in the process of decorating a home or office. This is always kept in mind as the team at Creations Art Gallery assist you when considering all the possibilities.

Your painting might look best in a traditional frame which in turn could enhance its impact on a specific wall in your home or office. Other works to be installed in a space with a different character might sparkle in the most up-to-date of modern frames. Working with the experienced team at Creations Art Gallery who present you with an immense stock of frame mouldings, you are promised complete satisfaction. We ensure that your choice is made with the kind of care and attention that guarantees your delight with the result.

An Exciting New Way to Select Frames Through Visualization Technology

With advancement in technology we at Creations Art Gallery are now able to show you in advance what your work of art will look like when framed in the style you have chosen. This cutting-edge system reduces guesswork so that you don’t have to rely on your imagination which, in the past, might have led to some surprises. To confirm that your choice of frame is going to work exactly in the way you want in your home or office you can try it out virtually in its eventual location.

See it framed, before you buy!

From this, to this, in 10 seconds!

Picture Framing Possibilities …almost endless

Art Restoration and Frame Repair

Naturally all collectors want to ensure that all their artworks are maintained in pristine condition. Creations Art Gallery will advise you on the best way to avoid accidental or environmental damage to your prized possessions.

If one or more of your pictures or sculptures are injured by accident or if they spontaneously develop condition problems, you can confidently turn to Creations Art Gallery for expert advice and complete restoration services. Before engaging in restoration, the experts at Creations Art Gallery will discuss with you all of the options for procedures that may be taken to restore your artwork.

Art Cleaning Before & After

As experts in the art of framing, Creations Art Gallery provides comprehensive frame repair service. With meticulous craftsmanship frames can be restored to their original condition so that they fully complement a work of art.

One of the best ways to avoid damage to a work of art is to ensure that it is installed correctly in a suitable environment. By engaging Creations Art Gallery to install works of art in your home or office you will be assured that your collection will be presented in the best possible light. This includes installation at optimal viewing height, secure attachment to the wall, and the best arrangement of works so that they complement each other and your interior decoration. Expert assistance in installation of a work of art, such as that offered by Creations Art Gallery, will minimize that risks of accidental or environmental damage.


The team at Creations Art Gallery is dedicated to ensuring that every client is completely satisfied with their acquisition or a work of art and with all other services offered by the gallery.

Evidence of the belief that customers, both worldwide and local, are the heart of an enterprise dedicated to the pleasure of looking at fine art, is provided by the many compliments we have received for our service.

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