Tanya Kirouac

Tanya Kirouac ArtistDepth and texture. Complexity and nuance. These are the wonders which come from the working through layers and the drawing out of details and moments. The overlaps and mixtures of wax, pigment, and objects trouvés provide dimension and possibility. The surfaces are almost terrestrial, with ideas that bubble below and wait to be drawn up into the light. Textural substrates create a world into which these ideas emerge and upon which they can grow. And from this confluence, there is both an actual, and a perceived delicacy in the balance that affords great moments and ongoing challenges to both the artist and the viewer.

A technique as old as recorded time brought forward with modern adaptations creates an opportunity for dynamic landscapes, emotive sculpture, and wistful remembrance. An art form is drawn from the cradle of civilization, renewed by time, to transform and illuminate touchstone moments which are, in themselves, timeless.

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Price Range $500 - $5,000 Canadian

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Since 2000, when Tanya shifted from an 18-year career in art direction and graphic design to the life ...
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Encaustic - is a beeswax-based paint mixed with pigment and kept molten while painting. The word encaustic comes ...
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