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Maya Eventov Recently Sold

Maya’s uniquely sculpted, textural acrylic canvases are instantly recognizable, filled with joy, light and a transcendent beauty. She always paints from a “happy place” and finds inspiration for these vibrant, romantic, colourful works through her travels around the world, as well as in her own backyard. Maya’s popular birch tree series of paintings share a special heart connection, as she loved the birch trees at her grandparents’ cottage in Russia and is surrounded by beautiful birches at her home here in Canada, where she lives with her husband and two children.


“They are my passion and my life, which I love to share.”

Commissions Works Available Through Creations Art Gallery

Maya Eventov Commissions
Please contact the gallery for commission works. We would like to work with you and the artist to help you create something exactly what you are looking for. The process supports the artist and helps keep our doors open. There is no extra charge for this service and artist price is maintained.

Maya Eventov Recently Sold Artwork

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