Dutch Hand Made Frames

The Dutch were among the first people to trade in exotic woods and incorporate the beauty of natural grain patterns into decorative items; foremost was the use of ebony. They were highly influenced by the machine made patterns in the later half of the 17th century and it was during this time that the ripple pattern, which is so often associated with Dutch style, began to be carved into this ornamental strips of exotic woods and used on various types of decorative items

The Dutch style frames, incorporated dark, painted finishes, ripple pattern ornamentation and gilded surfaces for an authentic look.

These hand made frames are constructed to fit the art, with finishes available in 24 kt gold. Finished corner frames both document the history of fine art frames and offer contemporary collectors a new way to showcase their finest pieces.

The frame collection represents a broad range of periods and regions from around the world. The impeccable craftsmanship has obvious applications for fine art, historic portraits, original art and treasured heirlooms.

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