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Dave Hind Artist with Blossumbug 72×132
Dave Hind Artist with Blossumbug 72×132

For Dave Hind, the title “Thingmaker” is an unencumbered open-ended designation. This allows Hind to move freely between creating functional object, sculptures, two dimensional works and musical instruments.

The artist finds his inspiration within the debris of reclaimed waste metals and the discarded bio-products of industry, making beauty from abandoned and defective products.

This series of aluminum painting makes use of reclaimed metal siding which is cut, carved and layered into a mosaic of texture arid colour. The Sacred Arboreal Portrait Project (SAPP) is an on going body of work which aims at historically documenting specific trees who share their space with the manufactured landscape/cityscape. It is that which happens at the meeting of the natural and the constructed that Hind examines.

Hind offers this pragmatic view, “I see a real range of this station. There are trees that have been so isolated and cut back that their existence appears tortured, there are trees that seem to have found a harmony within their crowded circumstance, and there are trees that are unstoppable in their overtaking of that which is in their way.”

What are the answers for us and for nature? White others search for answers, Dave Hind stand firmly and confidently in the question, giving us space to observe and, also, to question.

Education: BFA University of Western Ontario. London, Ontario 1992

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