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Picture Frames Made By Hand Made

The origins of picture framing are to be found in the Middle Ages when multiple related works were displayed as church altarpieces in frames encrusted with gold leaf. The tradition of using elaborately hand carved or restrained gold frames to set off a picture continued in the Renaissance when private collectors wished to show off their treasures in the best possible light. The style of carving a frame styles varied from region to region. For example the contrast of black and gold was popular on frames in northern Europe.

The traditional hand-made gold frame continues to be popular today. With a wide range of choices the excellent gold leaf frames selected by Creations Gallery are certain to emphasize the significance of your work of art.

These hand-made frames are constructed to work perfectly with art in a wide variety of styles. The glorious finishes of these frames available in 24 kt. gold and the carving reflect several periods in the long tradition of fine art framing. Collectors of contemporary art will be surprised with the effect of an antique frame.

The frame collection represents a broad range of periods and regions from around the world. The impeccable craftsmanship of a frame will complement the high quality of a work of art. Traditional frames also emphasize the value of treasured heirlooms.


All Available Hand Made Frame

The premier collection of frames available at Creations Gallery are hand-made. And so they should be. A frame becomes a part of a hand-made work of art. As an ensemble a frame and a picture work best when they both are equivalent in craftsmanship.

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