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Picture Framing Ideas

If a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, then a well-framed picture is worth even more. Two-dimensional images and even certain three-dimensional ones speak most eloquently when they are emphasized by a frame and in some cases by a mat as well.

The best way to verify this as simple as looking at what a frame will do when revealed in Creations Gallery computer simulation. You can experiment with various options. Bring in what you think might look better or speak louder in a frame or download a photograph of it at Creations Gallery and be surprised at the difference a frame can make.


Framing and Installation ideas for Traditional Home

Framing and Installation ideas form, Traditional Home February/March 2014 Photography by John Granen, Written By Lisa Gregan, Produced by Linda Mumphrey with Eleanor Roper

Object Framing Ideas A

Graduations aren't just from high schools or colleges. In fact, they aren't just for people! This frame pays tribute to a dog who graduated from …

Object Framing Ideas A Click To Read More »

Framing Etchings and Sketches

When framing either of these art forms, it is customary to use mats and place the art behind glazing, either glass or acrylic. The scale …

Framing Etchings and Sketches Click To Read More »

Unique Framing Ideas

If you would like to have a home filled with personality and one-of-a-kind treasures, custom framing can easily help you achieve it. Many people just …

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Framing Ideas Memorabilia

Frame your Hero! What better way to pay tribute to the special people who defend our country. This can be a birthday present for a …

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Design Trends for 2017

Framing Design Trends 2017

Harmony in Nature What does it look like? Bring the outdoors in. Sculptural hardwoods and aquatic accents. Textiles with natural fibers, weaving, and heavy artisanal …

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