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Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya
Anna Razumovskaya

Anna Razumovskaya paints classic figurative forms. A highly acclaimed Russian artist capturing magically the lyrical romanticism of renaissance portraiture, while creating art that is completely modern and original. Anna is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form, at turns, classically alluring, demure and provocative.

Now living in Canada, a graduate of the Russian State University For Arts, where she was awarded the distinction of high-class artist in 1991. Subsequently, studying art in Germany, Belgium and Holland. With solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin and numerous works in private collections across the globe. Anna’s art has a pervasive sense of ‘romanticism’. The passionate and dynamic application of paint on the canvas and the artist’s signature use of expressive colour, combine to create her distinctive style.

Classic, romantic figures that carry a sense of elegance and grace. They carry an aura associated with the Renaissance yet due to her signature expressive, dynamic technique they are refreshingly modern.

Looking at Anna Razumovskaya's works you always getting a feeling of artist sole tension behind the painting... "romanticism" is the word to describe Anna's works...interlacing of a quiet tones with the bright color impact at the end is the trade mark of the artist...abstract elements is the big aspect of every artwork and, in a combination with the sensual dynamics, creates an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

"Quickly, easily, brightly: this is the way I draw, the same way I live. My art is a reflection of my life, a reflection of myself..."

Limited edition Giclees, one of a kind, hand embellished by Anna Razumovskaya, painting on canvas. Special varnish to protect against UV light, moisture and scratches.
* Only 50 will ever be available worldwide per size.

Work is Hand Signed by the Artist. This painting comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.
Popular Size: 20" x 30", 24" x 36", 30" x 46", 36" x 54", 40" x 60"

Limited edition, Hand Touched, Giclees $660 to $3000 Originals $5,000 to $20,000 (Prices In Canadian)

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Anna Razumovskaya is best known for her classic, romantic figures that carry a sense of elegance and grace. ...
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This book contains latest Anna's painting works.  First printing 2011.
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