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Robert Amirault Gentle Surf 25X60

Robert Amirault

Robert Amirault paints in a representational style and has been painting or involved with art-related activities since being teen years. Landscapes, seascapes, faces and figures are his favourite subjects and he continues to spend his time experimenting and studying the craft of painting fine art.

Rick Taylor The Rain Moves On 18x24

Rick Taylor

Even as a preschooler Rick Taylor loved to draw. His father Leslie Taylor, was a local sign writer, painting innumerable trucks, awnings and banners until the late sixties, when the family moved to Malton. Rick taught elementary school for 27 years, while also enjoying a lively and productive career as an artist.

Red Wolf Red Deep Vessel 18x22

Red Wolf

Red Wolf paints on sandwiched honeycomb aluminum panels. He first etch into the surface of the aluminum to reflect light. Scoring a highly reflective groove pattern into the aluminum substrate, varying the direction, depth, and angle of these patterns, It can produce a three dimensional illusion approaching some of the fundamental characteristics of rainbow diffraction gradient holography. The painting style in this endeavor incorporates combinations of thin films, nano particles, and optical coatings to embed structural color optical elements within the painted layers of my artwork.

I see myself as a painter drawing on the rich history and technique of painters who have come before me. Today’s material science enables me to arrange nano structures and effect optics in creating an artwork in ways unlike anything that has been possible before.

RD Murray Signs 40x30

RD Murray

From his quiet spot amongst the shadows, Robert Murray captures the light…

With an insatiable appetite for learning, Robert has exploring the world through his artwork since he was a child. His career has followed a path through multiple artistic expressions including architectural and technical illustration, award-winning graphic design and illustration, but it’s in his paintings that we catch a glimpse of the curious boy from south London, Ontario.

As a boy, Robert loved to study the drawings in Popular Mechanics and spend time watching his Grandfather at work, building wagons for Silverwood’s Dairy. The puzzle and intricacy of how things worked appealed to him and this curiosity set the stage for a life spent observing and learning from every experience.

He also loved exploring the back laneways in town; places of mystery off the beaten path, a world unto themselves where a boy could imagine endless adventures and explore the hidden treasures of the wild urban pockets.

Pietro Adamo Lo Specchio Ieri Oggi Domani

Pietro Adamo

The paintings of Adamo Adamo are a celebration of the artist’s admiration for the unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life. He abandons the conventional renderings of geometric forms through his textured surfaces and rough contours.

Adamo draws influence from artists of all periods and from the world around him. Travel is an important source of inspiration, especially trips to Italy, his ancestral homeland. During these extended stays, Adamo is able to explore monumental art and architecture as well as the small details of the rural landscape.

Peter Markov Orchids 36x48

Peter Markov

Peter Markov has been working in a more contemporary style, using encaustic and other mixed media to produce work, which is constantly testing new waters.

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