William Rengifo

A brilliant painter who has emerged among a sea of artists to become the modern master of the palette knife and an incomparable translator of color. In his work are reflections of such artists as Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Camille Pisarro, Alfred Sisely, and Italian palette knife painter Nicola Simbari. He is considered an expressionist painter using colour and dramatic, long areas of light and dark using the sunlight to make the landscape much more intense. He has a strong passion to capture the "essence" of the places he visits throughout Italy. Using the palette knife, Rengifo captures not only the softness of clouds, but also the boldness of mountains, the vibrancy of flowers, and the strength of water. Rengifo moves the palette knife furiously as he applies deep, rich colour in many layers to achieve dimension and mood. Rengifo is also a classicist in his approach to composition so that there is plenty of room for the eye to rest and the imagination to wander, touring distant horizons throughout Italy. Rengifo has exhibited extensively and is included in private and corporate collections in both the United States and Europe. He graduated from the National School of Fine Art in Lima, Peru, which is nationally and internationally known for its intensive 5-year art discipline.

Price Range $900 - $5,000 Canadian

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https://youtu.be/W4dxH_qddN8 William Rengifo was born in Tarapoto, Peru in 1958 and has become one of the most renowned ...
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